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Top 10 Tips for Attending the Royal International Air Tattoo

1. Leave early, otherwise you will end up spending a LONG time queuing to get in, we were queuing for almost 2 hours!

2. Take a portable seat to sit on, you will spend a lot of time sitting around and having a portable seat will make this a lot easier, especially if the grass is wet

3. Take an umbrella, just in case it rains

4. Wear comfortable shoes, it’s a  big “show ground” and just to walk from one end to the other is about 2 miles…

5. Take something to read, there are some quite bits where you may want to have something else to do, unless you’re with a bunch of friends.

6. take something to eat and drink, there are a lot of concession stands, but they are far from cheap! And it’s mostly burgers and chips, although there was a very popular Noodle Bar towards the middle of the show ground.

7. take some ear plugs, although you can get some there. Some of the fighter jets are very loud, so having some ear plugs is not a bad idea…

8. take some spare batteries for your camera, mine ran out within minutes of being there (who forgot to charge them…), so I ended up taking pics on my mobile instead, luckily it’s got an 8MP camera, so the pics were still ok.

9. If you’re really keen on taking pics or video then consider taking something to stand on to get a better view.

10. If you buy a program, understand that they may not stick to exactly the order published in it, they didn’t when we were there.

One Comment to “10 Tips for Attending the Air Tattoo”

  1. on 15 Sep 2009 at 12:56 amBanksy

    Hi there!

    Great to see someone blogging about the Air Tattoo, I’ve got a countdown to 2010 Air tattoo blog going, feel free to take a look, have also got a blog on the Vulcan that you may be interested in.

    Cheers, Banksy