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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

Archive for February, 2007


What is Luck?

I’ve recently been working on a new project that almost didn’t happen and I think it’s a great example of “being lucky”.

It’s a product that I almost didn’t get of the ground because I had a particular problem with it, but I kept at it and in looking for a solution, not only found the perfect solution, but also opened up a new opportunity as well, and it reminded me of a definition of luck that I once heard/read somewhere that struck a cord with me..

“Luck is when oportunity meets preparation”.

I see the meaning of that as luck is when you see an opportunity and are ready (and willing) to take advantage of it, i.e. you are prepared for it.

OK, so it is somewhat “British” humor, but if you liked Shawn of the Dead, you’re probably going to laugh your head off at Hot Fuzz, I did..

It’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while, in fact probably since Severence last year.

I’m not going to try and write a review of it, all I’ll say is it’s a kind of “Comedy Cop Action Triller” that is chocked full of in jokes as well as general humor and some farcical moments.

There were a few bits that didn’t quite work for me, but they were few and far between. My wife laughed a lot less, but thaat may be beacuse it’s a bit of a “boys” movie and there’s a lot of “brit” humor that she stills doesn’t get, not being from here originally..

Oh, while I’m on recommending products, as I spend so much time sat at my desk and not enough out in the sunshine I got myself a “natural spectrum” daylight desk light to help make sure I get enough vitamin d..


Digital Voices

Even though I do spend most of my time online and most of my day sat in front of my pc, I do occaisionally venture outside, mostly thanks to my wife dragging me out (not always kicking and screaming) for one reason or another, usually something “pleasant” like a meal, movie or walk in the fresh air..

but I’m never really “off duty”, for some reason ideas for new projects and stuff will pop in to my head at any time, so I never go anywhere without my trusty digital voice recorder.

Whilst I do try to eat healthy food (fresh, Organic etc.) I do have a couple of bad habbits, like drinking too much and smoking when I’m drinking, so I’ve spent some of my time on the net looking in to ways of limiting the damage I do to my body from my “vices” and it occured to me that rather than just sitting here and eating an apple, I could eat my apple and share a few of the best Health Bits I’ve come across.

Obviously I’m not a Medical Professional, so this is just my opinion and not medical advice, go see a Doctor for “Professional” advice..

Here’s two quick one’s that I cam across recently, both for the UK..

first up, if you’ve ever been hit with a hefty penalty charge by one of the credit card companies you may enjoy learning how to claw that money back from them –

second there’s a new website that helps you find cheaper alternative numbers to the 0870 numbers we typically have to call for telephone support from companies –

This can easily save you 5 or 6p per minute, which quickly ads up if you spend an hour or so waiting to get trhough to someone in support, as I recently did with Sky..