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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

Archive for February, 2007

Thought I’d post a bit about one of my favorite travel spots today, although my first passion is downhill skiing (as opposed to water or cross country skiing, not “uphill” skiing), I do enjoy a bit of Sun, Sea and Sand.

The last summer holiday I had that really rocked was to Olu Deniz in Turkey, this place is just class!

The header on the top of this site is a photo of mine from Buttefly Bay near Olu Deniz. I was there with my wife and a couple of friends and as it was my birthday we decided to do something fun, so we para-glided in to Butterlfy Bay (you can’t get there except by boat, foot or air), spent the night sleeping on the beach (and getting a little drunk), then left by “para-boat” (a little dinghy with a hangglider and big propeller engine on it) the next morning.

I was chatting with a fellow IMer (“Internet Marketer”) the other day on Skype and happened to mention playing “WoW” with my kids.

He went all quiet for a moment or two, then asked what the heck WoW was.

For those uneducated in online gaming and MMRORPG’s (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games), WoW is short for World of Warcraft Online, from Blizard Entertainment.

Over the last year or so it has become the most popular online RPG ever with over 7 million playing across the world.

I love it for two reasons, first I can beat up on monsters with my unfeasably large weapon (Fnargh fnargh!), and second it allows me to spend time online with my kids when they’re at home with my ex-wife.

All sorts of stuff of course!

As this is my first post let me give you an idea of the kinda stuff I wanna share..

Did you know that Cacti help soak up the EMF’s from your TV and PC monitors?

No, neither did I.

In fact when my misses first told me I didn’t believe her, but I ended up with a catus last year and duly plonked it down near my pc monitors (yes, I have two runngin off the same PC, which is another thing worth sharing, it’s a real time saver if you spend much time online, like I do).

I spend a lotta time online, too much according to my misses, and occaisionally I come across somat that is just too good to keep to myself.

So that’s what this blog is for, to share stuff I’ve found that I think is just way cool..

It’s gonna include all sorts o stuff, from real stuff, to info stuff, funny stuff and just plain weird stuff..

Some of it may be useful, but a lot probably won’t, that’s just the way it is, this is a bloody blog after all!
Yer not gonna agree with it all, but you may well love some of it, and hell, occaisionally you may find a real gem, so if ya don’t like what ya see, go away, otherwise have a browse around and feel free to post a comment, as long as it’s not too rude, defamatory or illegal..