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Archive for May, 2007

Sometimes I end up on YouTube, I’m never sure just how I got there, and it always seems to take longer than it should for me to get away again..

probably because of videos like this: –

Cat attacked by Vicious Tortoise

You’ll have to follow the link to YouTube I’m afraid, as my blog theme doesn’t like me embedding videos for some reason, so be careful how long you spend there, but this video is worth taking 2 mins for..



The Four Hour Week

I was doing a bit of surfing today, catching up with some of my favorite blogs, and I came across a recommendation for a book that sounds quite interesting.

It’s called the Four Hour Week.

It’s written by a guy called Tim Ferris who seems like a one man dynamo…

Hmm, guess I’m going to have to make an apology, it’s been sometime since I posted anything here, sorry!

it’s been a busy month as I’ve been launching a little ebook of my own, but that’s a diffeent story..

Anyway, today I’m back on the topic of keeping your pc secure, simply becuase I managed to dig out the link for an excellent (and totally free) bit of software.

It’s called Spybot Search and Destroy and it’s what a lot of the web-tehcheads use for their own systems, you can grab it here: – 

It makes an excellent addition to my fav AntiVirus (Kaspersky).