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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

Archive for June, 2007

Well it was a reasonably sunny Sunday today, so we decided to get some “culture” and visit Blenheim Palace.

The rain managed to hold off for the day, so it was fairly enjoyable, but we almost turned away at the entrance when we discovered the entrance fee was £16 (~$32USD) each!

Having tea and scones after a couple of hours walking around was also a bit of a wallet emptying experience…

One of my favorite types of “Gadget” has always been a nice watch.

I probably picked up the habit from my Dad who had a wicked Omega watch when I was a kid, it’s also Dad’s birthday today as it happens, so happy birthday Dad!

I’ve had all sorts of weird and fun watches, including one of my favorites, a binary watch that told the time in binary numbers. Of course it took a while to get used to it and I’d get some pretty strange looks when someone asked for the time and I’d take 5 mins to work it out.

Recently though I’ve fallen victim to fashion watches….

Well summer seems to have finally arrived here in the UK and it’s time to start working in the garden a bit more, ya gotta luv WiFi!


I seem to be spending way to much time on YouTube again, although I have an excuse, ah, I mean a ligitimate reason, I’ve been knocking off a few videos of my own to upload on some useful web stuff, like changing nameservers, setting up email account in cPanel hosting and outlook.