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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

Archive for January, 2008

yeah, I’ve been back on YouTube again, checking out the funniest videos and this made me laugh so much I almost coughed up a lung, although that may be because I smoke too much too..

any way, watch this and tell me if you’d have the balls to actually tru this the next time you get a cold caller…

I’m laughing again just thinking about it, and I’m dying to try it out!

I just got a new toy arrived in the post this morning!

ok, I wasn’t actually up when the postie called, so I had to pop to the local post office to collect it, but it was no chore, I’ve been looking forward to getting this..

this probably shows what a sad “tech head” I am, but for me this is a REAL useful gadet..

It’s a 250GB 2.5 inch external hard drive from Western Digital and it’sbig enough for me to back up all of my data from my main PC to.

I’ve got an existing external hard drive that I use, but it’s only 74GB and that’s just not enough space anymore.


The Real Hustle

I’ve no idea whether there’s a similar program to this in the US, but we have a program here called “The Real Hussle” which I discovered recently.

It reveals how con artists and scammers pull off different tricks to fleece people of their money, from simple pub gamesor tricks designed to get a free drink or two, too identity theft cons and other dodgy sales tricks.

They showed one “scam” in the last episode where the con artist visits a bunch of houses in an area pretending to be neighbourhood watch representative offering free advice on home security and in the process checks out which houses are a good prospect to be burgaled.