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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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I do love my sci-fi stuff on tv, so even though I know sitting in front of the old goggle box is not a productive use of my time, I still tend to end up spending a couple of hours a day soaking up those airwaves.

Well, apparently I’m only just under the average daily viewing time for us Brits, but then we’re only eleventh on the scale if you believe this survey: –

Daily TV Time Watched Survey

What is startling is the US average figure, over 8 hours!!!


I’m not sure I could manage that, and if that’s the average, that implies that some people spend a lot more…

I’ve also found that I know hate watching TV in “real time”.

I got Sky+ (UK version of TIVO I think) when it first came out and I couldn’t go back to not having it.

I can watch exactly what I want, when I want and cut out all the adverts, now that’s a good use of technology, imho.


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