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Well it was a reasonably sunny Sunday today, so we decided to get some “culture” and visit Blenheim Palace.

The rain managed to hold off for the day, so it was fairly enjoyable, but we almost turned away at the entrance when we discovered the entrance fee was £16 (~$32USD) each!

Having tea and scones after a couple of hours walking around was also a bit of a wallet emptying experience…

Here’s a couple of photos so you can see for yourself just how pretty the place is…

blenheim palace photo

blenheim palace gardens

Blenheim Palace Pictures

I quite liked this set of ducks or bird topiary lined up…

Blenheim Palace Photo

Not sure I’d bother going again at that price, but then there are so many more beautiful places to visit here in the UK we’re not exactly short of new places to go and see…

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  1. on 18 Jun 2007 at 8:17 amChris Merriman

    Hope you don’t mind the suggestion Matt, but either resize the pics and re-upload them, or chuck in a width=400 or whatever is needed in the IMG tag, to prevent them clipping the sidebar column…

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