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Bristol Zoo

Another Bank Holiday and time for another day out somewhere, so I decided to revisit a fairly locasl zoo (Bristol) as I’ve not been there in almost 10 years and I have vague memories of them having an underwater bit where you can watch penguins and seals swimming, which was real cool!

I may be getting closer to the big 40, but my memory is still working, the underwater bit is still there…

When I got there the penguins were all stood around looking bored and a bit unhappy in the hot sun, and the seals were all just lazing around on the rocks soaking up the rays, so I didn’t actually expect to see anything swimming, so I spent a while just watching the seals have fun.

seals in bristol zoo

However, once I got inside, I’d only been there a minute or so before a couple of penguins turned up,

penguin swimming in bristol zoo

shortly followed by a dozen or so more…

penguins swimming in bristol zoo

I’m still not sure if these two were kissing or fighting..

penguins kissing in bristol zoo

They’ve got a whole bunch of other creatures at the zoo, including Lions, monkeys (lots), smakes, croc’s spiders, and of course the cuddly cute stuff like meerkats and prairie dogs.

Here’s a red panda that’s aparently quite shy normally…

red panda in bristol zoo

I guess I just had a lucky day, although I only managed to see the Lions for a couple of moments before they went back to sleep at the back of their enclosure.

I didn’t expect to be there more than an hour or so, but eneded up staying for almost 5 hours, so at just over £10 I’d say Bristol Zoo is pretty good value for a day out.

Oh, and the food in the cafe may have been a little pricey, but it was actually fairly decent.

Thumbs up from me!

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