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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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I’m normally a big fan of ebay, I’ve picked up some real bargains there, as well as selling off some stuff I wasn’t using anymore, including my last car.

But I’ve recently had a couple of bum deals…

The first was two 8GB (allegedly) Data “thumb” drives ordered from Hong Kong that turned out to be duff as they wouldn’t hold more than a GB of data before losing or corrupting it. I managed to get a refund for those, so I’m not too peeved, but…

I also ordered a couple of MP3 palyers for “her indoors” and myself, one of which had a similar problem and the other had a non standard headphone socket so I couldn’t use my own headphones with it. So far the vendor has offered to replace them if I ship them back to them in china, which would cost me more than I paid for the players in the first place, so I guess sometimes you just have to chalk it up to experience, don’t buy from China…

While I’m on the subject of product “quality”, is it just me, or do manufacturers seem to be making stuff that only lasts a year or so before falling apart or breaking?

Perhaps it’s because we now live in such a “throw away” society that we’re expected to upgrade to the latest new version before the old model give’s up on us.

You can save money in the long run by paying a bit extra and getting something that’s actually well made and going to last for more than the warrantee period plus one month.

As an example, my trusty Pentax Optio digital camera is over 5 years old now and still going strong, so hats of to Pentax for still making stuff that doesn’t fall apart.

One Comment to “buying from China on eBay”

  1. on 11 Aug 2007 at 12:41 pmChris Merriman

    A friend here in Kazakhstan had a very similar problem. He bought an 4Gb video iPod. Cheaper than it should have been, but still not exactly dirt cheap.
    He had a problem with file names corrupting, and songs skipping.
    Turned out he had the worst possible rip off – Just 64Mb of memory was in the Chinese made clone! The firmware had been written to falsely report a total of 4Gb of memory, but as soon as you flashed the correct version to the player, you discovered the true amount!