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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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yeah, I’ve been back on YouTube again, checking out the funniest videos and this made me laugh so much I almost coughed up a lung, although that may be because I smoke too much too..

any way, watch this and tell me if you’d have the balls to actually tru this the next time you get a cold caller…

I’m laughing again just thinking about it, and I’m dying to try it out!

there was a kids show here in the UK back in the 70’s that was quite popular and it’s one of those shows that there’s always been “myths” about a particular show that was full of “sexual inuedndos”.

I saw a “alleged” copy of the script from the show in question about a year ago and once I’d recovered from laughing so hard it hurt, I realised that it was probably fake.

well today my “Bro” posted a video clip of the episode on my FaceBook “wall”.

I couldnt believe it, it seems real, and I laughed so much I almost wet myself!

OK, so maybe it’s not going to be quite as popular as youtube, but I reckon it’ll bring a smile to people’s faces, and maybe even a laugh or three..

I spent an hour or so yesterday setting up a new blog, the actual setup only took 1o mins as setting up a blog is a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing (how to set up a blog), what took the time was adding a months worth of scheduled posts so it’s “hands free” for me for the next few weeks.