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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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I just got a new toy arrived in the post this morning!

ok, I wasn’t actually up when the postie called, so I had to pop to the local post office to collect it, but it was no chore, I’ve been looking forward to getting this..

this probably shows what a sad “tech head” I am, but for me this is a REAL useful gadet..

It’s a 250GB 2.5 inch external hard drive from Western Digital and it’sbig enough for me to back up all of my data from my main PC to.

I’ve got an existing external hard drive that I use, but it’s only 74GB and that’s just not enough space anymore.


The Real Hustle

I’ve no idea whether there’s a similar program to this in the US, but we have a program here called “The Real Hussle” which I discovered recently.

It reveals how con artists and scammers pull off different tricks to fleece people of their money, from simple pub gamesor tricks designed to get a free drink or two, too identity theft cons and other dodgy sales tricks.

They showed one “scam” in the last episode where the con artist visits a bunch of houses in an area pretending to be neighbourhood watch representative offering free advice on home security and in the process checks out which houses are a good prospect to be burgaled.

so today I’m feeling more than a little jealous…

earlier this week my wife discovered she could upgrade her mobile phone and ordered the brand spanking new Samsung SGH-G800 5 megapixel camera phone, it arrived today.

I fell in lurve with it!

not only is the camera 5MP,it’s also got a 3xoptical zoom, making it better than my standard digital camera!

It’s also got that solid build quality and feel that you don’t see often in mobile phones, it is alittlechunky for my taste, but I thinkI could put up with that, especially with all the other cool features it’s got, like video, web browsing and email, radio etc.

it seems like there are reality tv shows on just about every topic you can think of nowadays, there’s even one for making money on the internet, but of course it’s an online version…

a friend of mine who’s a big internet marketer, Joel Comm, has just finished “The Next Internet Millionaire” which seems to have been a huge success.

the two finalists managed to make over 6 figures in 7 days, so I guess they must have learnt something along the way!

you can check it out here:

it makes for an interesting watch if you ever wondered how people are able to make big bucks online.

Have you got a account yet?

You’ve probably heard of already if you spend any time on the internet, or have any friends who do, it’s rapidly becoming the latest internet place to be and is ranked the 7th most popular site on the internet according to, that’s pretty impressive for a site that’s only been sround for a year or so…

Part of the secret to it’s success is that it has certain “Viral” elements, like when you sign up yourself you can automatically invite all your friends from your email address book, depending on which email system you use, but most of the popular ones are covered, so each time someone new joins up they tend to end up inviting a whole bunch of other people.


Train Strain

The was a logo used a while back here in the UK by one of the train companies “let the train take the strain”.

Sounds cool right?

and admit I enjoy travelling by train, it’s an opportunity to sit back, relax and read a book, listen to some music, or mess around n the laptop, right?

not always…

I was travelling on a train few months ago on a either a friday or saturday afternoon and the train was full of a lot of “happy” sports fans, many of who were still working on being “happy” and I realised that I wasn’t keen on the idea of having “happy” spilt all over my laptop. It was one of those occaisions when you’re really glad that mp3 players were invented, you can just plug in and be in your own little world for the journey.