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I reckon you know that phones are starting to compete seriously with camera’s for the must have photography gadget when the digital camera sites start promoting them, and I’ve just started receiving emails from a couple of the digital camera gadget sites I like that are promoting a new 5 Mega Pixel phone from Samsung…

samsung g600 5 mp camera phoneThe Samsung SGH-G600 mobile phone has a 5 Mega Pixel camera which is more than my (admitedly somewhat old) Pentax Option digital camera!

My current phone, the second Samsung I’ve owned, is the previous model to this new phone, the SGH-U600, which is pretty much the same size and has a 3.2 MP camera, which I thought was pretty good, especially with the price of memory cards now, it’s easy enough to get a 1 or 2GB memory card and be able to store hundreds of photos.


Bristol Zoo

Another Bank Holiday and time for another day out somewhere, so I decided to revisit a fairly locasl zoo (Bristol) as I’ve not been there in almost 10 years and I have vague memories of them having an underwater bit where you can watch penguins and seals swimming, which was real cool!

I may be getting closer to the big 40, but my memory is still working, the underwater bit is still there…


Desktop Toys

The old desktop wallpaper can get a bit boring after a while.

There are some neat tools that will allow you to rotate through random images for your wallpaper, but I’ve found something that I find even better – Deskmates.

These are little animated characters, ranging from sexy cartoon girls to a blue gorilla called TeeCee. There’s even a fat beer swilling cartoon bloke andĀ  cute little Koala bear.

Each one has hundreds of different animation sequences to keep them fressh and fun for ages.

You can even click on them to make them do different things.

Take a look for yourself here: –


I came across this movie yesterday, I’m not sure who sent me an email about it as I deleted the email before I’d watched the movie, but I’ve glad I tookk the time to watch it.

It claims to shed some light on some quite painful and shocking “Truths” about the world we live in today.

I almost switched it off after just a few minutes, but for some reason I kept watching…

I do love my sci-fi stuff on tv, so even though I know sitting in front of the old goggle box is not a productive use of my time, I still tend to end up spending a couple of hours a day soaking up those airwaves.

Well, apparently I’m only just under the average daily viewing time for us Brits, but then we’re only eleventh on the scale if you believe this survey: –

I’m normally a big fan of ebay, I’ve picked up some real bargains there, as well as selling off some stuff I wasn’t using anymore, including my last car.

But I’ve recently had a couple of bum deals…

The first was two 8GB (allegedly) Data “thumb” drives ordered from Hong Kong that turned out to be duff as they wouldn’t hold more than a GB of data before losing or corrupting it. I managed to get a refund for those, so I’m not too peeved, but…