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Top 10 Tips for Attending the Royal International Air Tattoo

1. Leave early, otherwise you will end up spending a LONG time queuing to get in, we were queuing for almost 2 hours!

2. Take a portable seat to sit on, you will spend a lot of time sitting around and having a portable seat will make this a lot easier, especially if the grass is wet

3. Take an umbrella, just in case it rains

4. Wear comfortable shoes, it’s a  big “show ground” and just to walk from one end to the other is about 2 miles…

5. Take something to read, there are some quite bits where you may want to have something else to do, unless you’re with a bunch of friends.

Well it was a reasonably sunny Sunday today, so we decided to get some “culture” and visit Blenheim Palace.

The rain managed to hold off for the day, so it was fairly enjoyable, but we almost turned away at the entrance when we discovered the entrance fee was £16 (~$32USD) each!

Having tea and scones after a couple of hours walking around was also a bit of a wallet emptying experience…

Thought I’d post a bit about one of my favorite travel spots today, although my first passion is downhill skiing (as opposed to water or cross country skiing, not “uphill” skiing), I do enjoy a bit of Sun, Sea and Sand.

The last summer holiday I had that really rocked was to Olu Deniz in Turkey, this place is just class!

The header on the top of this site is a photo of mine from Buttefly Bay near Olu Deniz. I was there with my wife and a couple of friends and as it was my birthday we decided to do something fun, so we para-glided in to Butterlfy Bay (you can’t get there except by boat, foot or air), spent the night sleeping on the beach (and getting a little drunk), then left by “para-boat” (a little dinghy with a hangglider and big propeller engine on it) the next morning.