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Digital Voices

Even though I do spend most of my time online and most of my day sat in front of my pc, I do occaisionally venture outside, mostly thanks to my wife dragging me out (not always kicking and screaming) for one reason or another, usually something “pleasant” like a meal, movie or walk in the fresh air..

but I’m never really “off duty”, for some reason ideas for new projects and stuff will pop in to my head at any time, so I never go anywhere without my trusty digital voice recorder.

I know many “net heads” who carry a good old fashioned paper “journal” or notebook with them for jotting down notes and ideas when they’re out and about, but for me it just doesn’t cut the mustard, mostly as you’ve gotta stop what you’re doing (driving, walking etc.) in order to jot down your thoughts on paper, whereas a digital voice recorder allows you to just make an audio note whilst you continue what you’re doing.

Much simpler..

Why do I bring this up, well I’ve just upgraded.

The old Olympus Voice Recorder I had was the V-90 and it must be around 7 or 8 years old by now, and although it is still going strong, I wanted something that I can download the audio files on to my PC with.

So I did a quick bit of research to find the latest model that fit my requirements, namely small, high capacity, PC link capable, robust (it get’s carried around in my pocket with my house keys, so it needs to be able to take some wear) and simple enough controls to be able to use without having to look (i.e. big buttons in logical and ergonomic places).

I wasn’t surprised to find the best candidate was another Olympus, th DW-90.
I’ve had it for over a month now and I’m happy that I made the right choice going with them again and hopefully this one will last as long as my old one..

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