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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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Whilst I do try to eat healthy food (fresh, Organic etc.) I do have a couple of bad habbits, like drinking too much and smoking when I’m drinking, so I’ve spent some of my time on the net looking in to ways of limiting the damage I do to my body from my “vices” and it occured to me that rather than just sitting here and eating an apple, I could eat my apple and share a few of the best Health Bits I’ve come across.

Obviously I’m not a Medical Professional, so this is just my opinion and not medical advice, go see a Doctor for “Professional” advice..

First up, Apples are good, but you already knew that right!?! Well it turns out Apples are really good, do to the amounts of B17 in the pips, you do eat the pips don’t you? If you smoke you probably should think about it.

So for us smokers, it’s turns out there is something that may “allegedly” reduce the chance of getting the big “C”.

It’s called Laetrile (aka Vitamin B17) and it’s supposed to help our bodies fight of certain types of bad stuff, and guess what, you can get this stuff quite naturally from apricot seeds.

If you want to find out more check out and either grab a copy of the free report there or listen to the audio file.

There’s also a pretty damn good book you can get on Amazon: –

Then there’s another natural substance that can “allegedly” help your liver if you’re in the habit of drinking a little more than that one glass of red wine that is recommended.

It’s called Milk Thistle.

“A comprehensive review by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recently identified 16 scientific studies on the use of milk thistle for the treatment of various forms of liver disease.”

Do a search on Google and you’ll come across plenty of places that you can get Milk Thistle extract from.

I also tend to take around 2-3g, yes Grams, not Milligrams, of vitamin C each day and I have to say I don’t seem to get cold’s very often, but my lovely wife has recently come across a natural source of very high levels of Vitamin C, although it was my Dad who first brough it to her attention.

They’re called Goji Berries, which come from the Himalayas, and apparently they can help with cellulite as well, hence my wife’s interest.. 😉

Last one for the day, Microwaves..

I’ve never used microwaves much, the whole principle of how they “cook” food never really seemed “right/good” to me, but a couple of years ago I came across some reports that had apparently been “quashed” for many years about how hazordous to our health cooking with microwaves may “allegedly” be.

My wife then pointed out that microwaves had actually been banned in Russia for many years.

We threw out our microwave then and there and we’ve not missed it since.

You may have noticed there’s a lot of “May” & “Allegedly” spread in this post, it’s because I don’t wanna get sued for simply expressing my opinions and sharing some of the best health bits I’ve found on the net.

My advice would be to take the time to educate yourself, do a few searches and read up a bit yourself and you may find it difficult not to come to the same conclusions that I have..


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