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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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Thought I’d post a bit about one of my favorite travel spots today, although my first passion is downhill skiing (as opposed to water or cross country skiing, not “uphill” skiing), I do enjoy a bit of Sun, Sea and Sand.

The last summer holiday I had that really rocked was to Olu Deniz in Turkey, this place is just class!

The header on the top of this site is a photo of mine from Buttefly Bay near Olu Deniz. I was there with my wife and a couple of friends and as it was my birthday we decided to do something fun, so we para-glided in to Butterlfy Bay (you can’t get there except by boat, foot or air), spent the night sleeping on the beach (and getting a little drunk), then left by “para-boat” (a little dinghy with a hangglider and big propeller engine on it) the next morning.

It’s a birthday that I’ll remember for a long while, so here’s a few cool photos from Turkey..

First up is a view from the Para-Glider. I’ve left my feet in the shot to show what kind of footwear you shouldn’t use when you go para-gliding, as the takeoff in Olu-Deniz is a bit rough and rocky, so I’d highly recommend something a bit more robust so you don’t end up wrecking your feet on the stones.. 🙂

Para Gliding in Olu-Deniz

The second photo is of Olu-Deniz itself from a para-glider of course, my foot seems to have snuck in the photo again on this one..

Airial view of Olu-Deniz in Turkey

The next is of one of my other favorite places in Turkey, Pamukkale. This is a must for visiting if you go to Turkey. As you can see from the photo, it’s quite spectacular, not sure who the sexy babe in the photo is tho.. 😉

Pamukkale Turkey

The last one is just a nice panoramic shot I took while we were travelling.

Turkey Panorama

Oh, obviously these photos are copywright 2005-2007, so if you wanna use em, you really need to ask for my permission..

I’ll normally say yes in return for a link back from your website.


and if you’re looking for a good hotel, we stayed at the Tulip Beach Hotel in Olu-Deniz, it’s about a 30 second walk to the beach..


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