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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

Funny Cat Videos

it’s a wet, windy and grey day here in the UK today, so I had to find a way to put a smile on my face for a few minutes.

These VERY funny cat videoson YouTube did the trick!

If there’s something wrong with your printer, check the cat…

“The funniest Cat Clips”

more of “the funniest cat clips”

hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

This is a truly excellent short film from Rob Pearlstein called “Our Time Is Up”.

it’s just over 14 minutes long and it’ll seem a lot shorter, it’s that good…

you’ll probably also recognise quite a few of the faces in it.

Have you tested your internet connection speed?

Having recently moved house I thought I’d run a test on the connection speed I’m getting with my broadband connection.

Most services will limit you to around 7-800KBps upload speed, so it’s really the download speed I was interested in, especialy as that’s what effects stuff like browsing sites, watching videos and downloading programs etc.

I’m not going to mention the name of the first site I first used to test my connection speed, as after the results I got with them sucked I realised I should probably do a bit of research before I called my provider to shout at them…

If you’re a regular visitor you may notice that I’ve updated the “look & feel” of this site.

I use a blogging “content management script” for this site called WordPress, you might have heard of it, as it’s quite popular and with good reason.

I am a bit of a “web head” and have been building my own websites for a decade or so now, so I know how to “code” a site using “html”, but using a blogging platform like wordpress makes it all SO MUCH EASIER!


Science v The Chruch

being an intenet marketer means that most of the time my inbox is chocker full of email’s promoting the latest “must have” new course or product, much of which get deleted, but there’s a few people out there who’s email’s I look forward to receiving and will make a cup of tea and put my feet up to read, ’cause they’re just that good..

One such guy is Phil Gosling and I though I’d share his latest email:

Success Engineering revisited.

Suppose I tossed a coin ten times and it landed heads up every
time. Is the probability that the coin will land tails up on
the eleventh throw greater, less, or still 50-50?


UK Earth Tremors

On of the best bits about living in the UK is that it’s a pretty safe place in many ways.

We don’t have a bunch of poisonous creepy crawlies or snakes like some countries.

Our coastlines aren’t terrorised by sharks.

and we seldom have things like Earth quakes..

Well, not very often anyway, except tonight that is…

just before 1am tonight I was sat here working on some blog posts for one of my many blogs,enjoying a quite glass of wine when I suddenly noticed my wine glass was shaking, next thing I knew the whole damn house was shaking!!