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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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so today I’m feeling more than a little jealous…

earlier this week my wife discovered she could upgrade her mobile phone and ordered the brand spanking new Samsung SGH-G800 5 megapixel camera phone, it arrived today.

I fell in lurve with it!

not only is the camera 5MP,it’s also got a 3xoptical zoom, making it better than my standard digital camera!

It’s also got that solid build quality and feel that you don’t see often in mobile phones, it is alittlechunky for my taste, but I thinkI could put up with that, especially with all the other cool features it’s got, like video, web browsing and email, radio etc.

Samsung have even been kind enough to throw in a 1GB memory card for it, although you probably need it with photos that big!

My wife being the practical lady she is, suggested I check out how much they’re selling for on ebay at the moment, and as soon as she found out that they are fetching as much as £350 ($700+ USD) she asked me to whack it staright on ebay, I guess she still likes her old phone and that’s a nice little early xmas bonus for buying more shoes…

Can’t say I blame her, it’s a lotta cash!
Samsung SGH-G800 5MP camera phone

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