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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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Well summer seems to have finally arrived here in the UK and it’s time to start working in the garden a bit more, ya gotta luv WiFi!


I seem to be spending way to much time on YouTube again, although I have an excuse, ah, I mean a ligitimate reason, I’ve been knocking off a few videos of my own to upload on some useful web stuff, like changing nameservers, setting up email account in cPanel hosting and outlook.

You can see them all on

Of course I also ended up finding some cool vids to watch, like the Dog that like to attack sharks: –

and the wildebeast heard that decided to fight back against a pride of Lions that took one of the calves, Oh, and watch out for the crocodiles who want to get in on the action too, it’s an amazing bit of film: –

and one last one, how about having a Leopard join you on Safari?

well, I guess I better get back to work…


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