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The Four Hour Week

I was doing a bit of surfing today, catching up with some of my favorite blogs, and I came across a recommendation for a book that sounds quite interesting.

It’s called the Four Hour Week.

It’s written by a guy called Tim Ferris who seems like a one man dynamo…

He speaks 6 languages, has been a guest lecturer at Princetown University, beaten four world champions at “Cage” fighting in Japan, holds a Guiness World record for Tango, has been the Chinese national kickboxing champion and runs his own multinational business.

and he’s just 29.

makes me feel like an underachiever! 😉

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited theblog, but it’s not over the top and it was interesting enough to keep me hooked for more than one cup of tea, not bad…

I’ll post soemthing here about the book once I’ve had time to read it, but if you want to check out Tim’s blog it’s here: –

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