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The Real Hustle

I’ve no idea whether there’s a similar program to this in the US, but we have a program here called “The Real Hussle” which I discovered recently.

It reveals how con artists and scammers pull off different tricks to fleece people of their money, from simple pub gamesor tricks designed to get a free drink or two, too identity theft cons and other dodgy sales tricks.

They showed one “scam” in the last episode where the con artist visits a bunch of houses in an area pretending to be neighbourhood watch representative offering free advice on home security and in the process checks out which houses are a good prospect to be burgaled.

The scammers then call the target homeowners and tell them they have won a free draw for a meal for two and even send a limo to pick up the homeowners for the free meal, which of course gives them the time they need to get in to the house and empty it of anythiing valuable…


If you’re in the UK I highly recommend watching it, if not, then well I guess you should see if there’s something similar, or find a way of getting BBC programs…

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