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UK Earth Tremors

On of the best bits about living in the UK is that it’s a pretty safe place in many ways.

We don’t have a bunch of poisonous creepy crawlies or snakes like some countries.

Our coastlines aren’t terrorised by sharks.

and we seldom have things like Earth quakes..

Well, not very often anyway, except tonight that is…

just before 1am tonight I was sat here working on some blog posts for one of my many blogs,enjoying a quite glass of wine when I suddenly noticed my wine glass was shaking, next thing I knew the whole damn house was shaking!!

When you live in the UK earth tremors are not something you’re used to, do my first though was to actually look out of the window to see if there was some huge juggernaut driving by or something, then it dawned on me that it was in fact an earth tremor!

The shaking lasted for junst under 10 seconds and shook everything in my office, although not bady enough to break anything.

Once it stopped I calmed the cat down, grabbed my glass of wine and headed down to check the news on TV, I needn’t have rushed, it was over 20 minutes before they gave it any coverage at all..

So apparently it was 4.7 on the Richter scale and the epicenter was just north of Lincoln, which is well over 100 miles from me in Cheltenham, it will be interesting to see how much damage, if any, was caused in the morning once people can see what’s what, but according to the news, there’s no casualties.

So I guess it’s still pretty safe here in the UK, even if it does get a bit shaky once every few years..

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