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What is Luck?

I’ve recently been working on a new project that almost didn’t happen and I think it’s a great example of “being lucky”.

It’s a product that I almost didn’t get of the ground because I had a particular problem with it, but I kept at it and in looking for a solution, not only found the perfect solution, but also opened up a new opportunity as well, and it reminded me of a definition of luck that I once heard/read somewhere that struck a cord with me..

“Luck is when oportunity meets preparation”.

I see the meaning of that as luck is when you see an opportunity and are ready (and willing) to take advantage of it, i.e. you are prepared for it.

It always seems to me that “unlucky” people spend a lot of time and energy talking/moaning about “lucky opportunities” that they missed, and in doing so miss all the ones that are coming in to theirs lives at the moment.

Have you ever noticed how most people who have a positive outlook on life somehow tend to be “lucky”?

Perhaps it’s because they are optimisitic and believe that even when something bad happens, something else good can come of it.

My wife often accuses me of being to optimistic, but as far as I can see it’s always done me more good than harm to have this outlook on life.

and now she’s starting to come around to my way of thinking, although she’s still finds it difficult now and then, but that’s probably just because she’s Russian.. 😉

OK, so that’s my take on the whole luck thing, in general, so where’s the “best bits”?

The Best Bits for this post are on another site of mine, if you ever wanted to know (probably not) why I spend so much time online, you can get a taste of what I do and what the best bits of Internet Marketing are on IMTesting.

It’s not sexy and exciting, or at least not on first impression.

It’s my blog where I post the results of testing out online money making products and techniques.

OK, so I promise to make the next post a bit less “geeky”..


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