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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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If you’re a regular visitor you may notice that I’ve updated the “look & feel” of this site.

I use a blogging “content management script” for this site called WordPress, you might have heard of it, as it’s quite popular and with good reason.

I am a bit of a “web head” and have been building my own websites for a decade or so now, so I know how to “code” a site using “html”, but using a blogging platform like wordpress makes it all SO MUCH EASIER!

Once a blog is set up to add a “post” like this one you simply log on to the admin panel and choose the “write post” option and then write what you want in the big box and put a title (description) for the “post” in the little box, simply click on the “publish” button, and hey  presto, you have a new web page/post!

There’s no need to mess around with html code or stuff like that, unless you want to.

This is why blogs are so popular generally, or at least it’s one of the reasons.

It’s also a piece of cake to change the “look & feel”, or style, of your site by simply uploading and selecting a new “Theme”, which is how I’ve changed the look of this blog.

Of course being a techie there’s also the small fact that this is my own theme, although I’m not going to claim to have written it myself, I employed a clever guy from Indonesia to do that for me, Thanks Andre!

Blogs are also easy to add extra “bits” to.

All those bits and pieces in the sidebar menu on the right hand side of the page are bits that I’ve added using “plugins” (written by other people, and usually free) or widgets to add my own bits of code, like the “contact Mattg” link and the “BlogTactics” setup guide link.

There is another reason why blogs, and especially WordPress blogs, are so popular, the search engines (like Google) love them, so it’s easier to get good search engine rankings (i.e. appear on the first page or two when someone searches on a term that you blog is about).

Anyway, this isn’t a lesson on blogging or how to set one up for yourself, if you want that click on the BlogTactics link in the sidebar, I just wanted to explain why the new look for the blog, and see if you like it.

I’d love to hear what you think, you can leave a comment in the comments box below this “post”…

(oh, that’s another reason blogs are cool, visitors can leave comments, so it’s not like a dumb old “static” website, it’s really a “communication platform”..)

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