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Stuff I Just Gotta Share..

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OK, so maybe it’s not going to be quite as popular as youtube, but I reckon it’ll bring a smile to people’s faces, and maybe even a laugh or three..

I spent an hour or so yesterday setting up a new blog, the actual setup only took 1o mins as setting up a blog is a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing (how to set up a blog), what took the time was adding a months worth of scheduled posts so it’s “hands free” for me for the next few weeks.

I realised I’ve got an old domain that has just had a few funny photos on it for the last few years that is actually getting visitors for some reason ( a few people seem to have linked to the site because of the phots and there were only three of them), so I thought I’d turn it in to a blog and post a new funny pic or photo everyday and see how it goes.

If you need a laugh check it out here:

funny photo blog

n.b. I’ll warn you now that some of the photos are little a bit rude.

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